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Privacy policy


All MasterDisk Apps are safe for kids and parents.


This is the privacy policy for all MasterDisk Apps developed and owned by MasterDisk ("MasterDisk", "we", or "us"). We


value the privacy of both the parents/guardians as well as the children who are using the apps and have, thus, created this


Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy") to show our commitment towards safeguarding your privacy. Your privacy is very


important to us, and we take it seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy below and let us know if you have any questions or


other feedback regarding it.


Our Privacy Policy describes the kind of information collected by our

operator through this mobile Apps and the use of this information.

Please do not install or use The Apps if you do not agree to this privacy

policy. As installing The Apps you accept the terms of this privacy policy

including the third party Ads terms as written below.

The Apps operator reserves the right to modify this privacy policy from time

to time. Your continued use of The Apps will signify your acceptance of the

changes to this privacy policy.


Privacy policy of children under age of 13

In order to protect children from providing any personal information about

them (names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, ID numbers, country of

residence and ect) we ask adults to instruct the children not to do so without



The operator will take measures to follow the instructions and principles of

"The children's online privacy protection act" ("COPPA") on online services

and apps that are directed to children.


The operator does not knowingly collect personal information from children

under age of 13. If we were to collect and store personal information from

children, we would obtain the consent of a parent or legal guardian before

such collection, unless the collection of information falls within an exception

that is permitted under COPPA.


If the operator learns that the app has inadvertently collected personal

data from children under age of 13, the operator will take reasonable

measures to promptly delete such data from the app's records.

We understand the need and the meaning to providing extra protection for

children. That's why our app does not collect any data from the end user, such

as: social networking plug-ins, behaviorally, any kind to collecting data for the

purpose of building user profiles, not any geo-locations of mobile devices

(attached to specific user), not any personal data like: names, addresses,

online contact information, telephone numbers, ID numbers, any persistent

identifier data which can be used to recognize users over time and across

different sites, any photos, videos, a child's image of voice or any actions

made by the child.


The operator does collect non-personally data to assess general statistical

data including statistical and analytic data collected by Google / Facebook,

Usage data and analytic information such as number of visitors, number of

downloads , Internet Protocol address (“IP address”) ,device ID (with user

profile), how the game is played, game play statistics and scores and in-app

purchases (only in order to remove ads with parental special gate tool), in

order to improve and enrich the contents of the app, including the creation or

abolition of content and services that match the demands and expectations of

their users. This information is statistical information that does not disclose

user's personal information.


The app uses several services for statistical and analytic goals such as

Facebook (SDK) / external app configuration / in-app purchase by Google/

Apple, other third party Ad, network and analytic services which may be use in

the future.


The Apps also contains advertising made by third parties through google

(which are not our partners in any matter). The operator takes reasonable

measures to prevent in All Apps any advertising which is not suitable for



The Apps enables third parties advertising (which is not connected to the

operator) to be temporarily uploaded into the game and replaced while user is

playing. The data collected for this purpose may include IP address or player's

user name, downloaded or purchased Apps, length of time an advertisement

was visible, size of the advertisements, and angle of view. Please note that

third parties who advertise through the app are not our partners and may have

their own policies related to tracking technologies for analytics and ad serving



Third Party Sites / apps and advertising: If user clicks on a link/ ad of a

third party site or app, including on an advertisement, or other third party

service or product, the user will leave the app and might go to the site or app

or ad that is advertised and selected. As the operator cannot control the

activities of third parties and their web content, we can't take any responsibility

for it and for any use of the user's personal information by such third parties,

can't take any responsibility for following the instruction regarding children's

privacy policy and we cannot guarantee that they will adhere to the same

privacy and security practices as of this app. We encourage users to review

the privacy policies and content of these third party sites or apps.

In order to remove the advertising there is a tool (in-app purchase) which

allows adults remove the said ads only with parental special gate tool which is

combination of numbers and letters.


Please note that there are some apps which have external links, such as

to our website, to the app-store you purchased from, or to our social media

profiles to allow you to find more about company, services and products.

The information will not be transferred to third parties, except in legal

issues and in cases of other obligations: we may use and/or disclose the

user's personal information to enforce legal rights and comply with the law, or

to comply with an order from a government entity or other competent authority,

or when we have reason to believe that a disclosure is necessary to address

potential or actual injury or interference with third party's rights, property,

operations, or others who may be harmed or may suffer loss or damage. When

necessary, we may also disclose personal information to law enforcement.

For any questions or information about the privacy policy please contact



By email:

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